Is Fear of Being Out of Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

Let someone who’s been there & moved out help you move on. Click on the button below to get help from Hassan!

Are you constantly frustrated with your limited and sporadic cashflow within your business?

Are you and your business struggling to make ends meet leaving you stressed out and frustrated?

You want to make more money but you’re not sure how?

If the answer is YES then this training course will teach you how. The modules within this training course are tailored exclusively for business leaders looking to advance their struggling businesses in an increasingly competitive marketplace to a highly profitable status.

We will take a look at your past achievements and tell you all about what’s going on inside your head by assessing how well things match up to expectations. Then we’ll take a look at your values and ask if they jive with what our business offers, because it turns out that people who are happy make more money. Once that has been established, we move on to picturing success!

We have eyes for different industries, so when you see yourself as an important player in the big picture you’re way more inspired than what you think.

Hone your business skills and become a profit generator in this training. Learn how to achieve the elusive balance between a lean, efficient organisation and creating a profitable business.

Your time is extremely valuable so let’s work together and make your business profitable and take it to the next level.

Business Training Course

How To Become A Profit Generator

Achieve a level of profit control over your business performance

Business leaders work hard to grow their business, but struggle to achieve consistent profitability.

The problem with most businesses is that they’re not profitable. This means that the owner of a business has no control over his/her income and expenses. When this happens it’s time for action! It’s time for you to take charge of your company’s financial destiny by taking our Profit Control Course!

Our Profit Generator course will teach you how to start making more money in your business today with simple yet powerful techniques.

Training Styles

Business Keynote Speaker

Instructor-led Training

Dr Hassan Younes offers instructor-led training that can help you become a more effective leader in your business. His programs and delivery style are engaging and interactive, so you can learn in a classroom setting with Dr Hassan Younes himself.

With our leadership and management training, you’ll be able to lead your team with confidence and learn strategies that you can implement immediately.


Our eLearning programs are one of the easiest types of leadership training that is available online. They are designed for busy business leaders who want to get their training done on their own time and in the palm of their hand.

With our eLearning programs, you can be confident that you are getting the most effective leadership training possible. The online programs are designed by experts in the field with your success in mind. Plus, they come with downloadable modules, quizzes and learning videos to make sure you understand the material.

Hands-on Training (in-service Training)

Dr Hassan Younes delivers hands-on training for various industries and it includes any experiential training that’s focused on the individual needs of the business leader and their employees. It’s conducted directly on the job. Hands-on training can help you as a business leader to fit perfectly into your upcoming or current leader role, while enhancing your current skills in business

Coaching or Mentoring

Dr Hassan Younes is a certified ‘Business and workplace coach’ as well as an accredited NLP coach with over 20 years of business experience. He can help you achieve your business goals with a wide diversity of industry backgrounds, skills and industry experience.

With his vast knowledge and diverse business background and experience, Dr Hassan Younes can provide tailored advice that fits your specific needs as a business leader. You won’t find a more qualified mentor than him.

Keynotes/Business insights

Dr Hassan Younes is a professional keynote speaker who will engage and motivate you and your team. He delivers his keynotes in an interactive way that will leave audiences grasping for more and far more inspired. His insights are practical and logical that business leaders could implement them immediately in their businesses.

When was the last time you were truly inspired by a keynote speaker? Dr Hassan Younes is known for providing inspiring keynote presentations that will change the way you think about your business and your life. After attending one of his presentations, you will be motivated to take immediate action and improve your business skills.

Mastermind Classes (Group Discussion and Activities)

Dr Hassan Younes’s Mastermind classes program can help you achieve greater business success. The Mastermind program, offers the perfect training option for multiple business leaders to train and learn in the same group environment. The program provides group discussions and activities which allow for the sharing of best-practice amongst business leaders.

With this valuable program, you will be able to develop essential skills that are required for successful business leadership. You will also learn how to apply these skills in order to achieve your desired results.