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"You are most vulnerable when you are at your peak"


Dr Hassan Younes

"Leadership complacency is a dangerous disease.
If you give it space to fester, it will wreak havoc and can completely ruin your life and your business."


Complacency is one of the leading causes of business bankruptcy. When a company becomes too comfortable, they stop innovating and fall behind their competitors. This can lead to a decline in sales, which can eventually cause the company to go bankrupt.

About Dr Hassan Younes

Dr Hassan Younes is an international keynote speaker, author and a serial entrepreneur.


He has a background in aerospace engineering, organisational change and business management across multiple diverse industries, and over two decades in the education and training sector.

Dr Hassan Younes holds a doctorate in Business administration (Leadership & Management) , an honours degree in Aerospace and other qualifications in Business Administration, Business Management, Accounting, and Education.

Throughout his professional career, Dr Hassan Younes has utilised his skills and experience in business management to build a successful vocational training organisation, multiple travel agencies, build an international education facility in the Philippines and managed investment and property development projects.

Dr Hassan Younes is also the Founder and Chair of the International Academy of Marawi, Managing Director at Caradon Investments, Founder & Senior Business Coach for Lanao Business Services and is the Managing Director at Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning



As an authority on Business Leadership, Business Management, Education Skills Training and Entrepreneurship, Dr Hassan Younes is widely published Nationally and Internationally, providing valuable insights into the future of Leadership. He works with businesses and business leaders to recognise key strategies for growth and success, and to be aware of the pitfalls that are not always obvious yet can be devastating.


Complacency is the silent killer of many successful business and can have disastrous outcomes. Hassan shares his knowledge and experience in captivating keynote presentations and workshops with powerful stories and strategies that transform business leaders and businesses.


Dr Hassan Younes was the President of Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) for Victoria/Tasmania for 2021.

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