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Scared of Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

There's a whole new world of life-changing opportunities. It’s just that you have to get out of your comfort zone to find them.

Times have changed dramatically.

Before, it was okay to settle into a life that our parents or society preached about. We'd lead a comfortable and satisfactory life, but nothing more than that.

That’s how most people live still.

But what do you do if you feel you’re meant to do more?

When satisfactory simply doesn't work for you and you want amazing?

Achieving amazing things requires people to step out of their comfort zones. At the same time, it’s one of the main obstacles in the way.

Will they find support in their environment? What will their beloved ones say? Will they have the courage to nurture their talents and visions?

What’s easy is to stay within your comfort zone and lead a sometimes malcontent life.

Making changes can be challenging, but every day that you take a step out of your comfort zone you become just that little bit stronger.

Until one day you step out of it with absolute confidence, knowing what you’re capable of.

That’s how the most successful people in the world do it.

People like Oprah and Richard Branson decided that their desires were too strong to not follow through.

How did they overcome the fear of failing? Of stepping into the unknown?

To achieve the same, you’ll have to understand their way of thinking and see you can apply it to your life.

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Without Fear

#1 Oprah: Don’t Let Fear Intimidate You

Even though celebrities always seem to be brimming with confidence, that’s not always the case. They can sometimes feel insecure, too.

Oprah Winfrey had her doubts before she was to take on a lead role. It was for the HBO film The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. But the part intimidated her and made her overwhelmed and nervous.

She didn’t quit, though.

She found inspiration in the words of Lacks’ daughter Deborah, who urged Oprah to play the character. It was the little push that Oprah needed.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone, you don’t have to be fearless. You just have to proceed despite any lingering doubt or fear.

Moreover, studies prove that you can beat fear if you make a commitment.

The brain can't concentrate on more than one thing at once, at least not properly. But if you commit to something, you'll be able to focus all your strength on it. You won't be overthinking and second-guessing your decision.

#2 Jeff Bezos: Understand the Ultimate Life Regret

You could say that Jeff Bezos was successful before Amazon. He was the youngest VP at a hedge fund firm and he could've made his millions there.

But what did he do?

He followed his dream and stepped out of his comfort zone. In 1994, he decided to leave a stable job for the relative unknown that was ecommerce.

That job was safe in his comfort zone, while the world of online business was still pretty unknown.

It’s easy for him to say today that it was a no-brainer. It was an idea he’d had in his mind the whole time and he would regret not pursuing it.

When you look back on your life, which do you regret more? Things that you tried and failed at or things that you failed to try?

When in doubt, do what Bezos does. Ask yourself if your 80-year-old self would regret the decision you’re making today.

If the answer is yes, you know what to do.

#3 Richard Branson: Take It One Step at a Time

The conventional wisdom of our age is to dream big and do big things if you want to succeed.

Branson’s advice is a bit different.

He agrees that you should strive to grow and develop every step of the way.

However, you don’t need to start big but rather take it one step at a time.

Trying to do something huge immediately can only intimidate you. If you start by testing and experimenting, you may have a better chance at success.

This period won’t require you to invest a lot of time or money.

The key is to understand that life’s journey is one of constant learning. You can always test what works for you and your business first.

Every time you do something new, write it down and make sure you learn something from it. Even if it doesn't work, don't get discouraged and try again. With all your lessons learned.

Your experiments will become more successful and finally take you where you want to be.

#4 Ginni Rometty: Embrace the New Version of Yourself

People change over time.

If you’re to take your life into your own hands, you may have a whole new version of yourself to present to the world.

But you’re worried that people may not like what they see.

The executive chairman of IBM Ginni Rometty described how this fear could affect us.

She told the story of a woman and her condescending boss, who only made her miserable at work. But she failed to confront the boss out of fear that he wouldn't like her anymore.

You may worry that people will not accept the new version of you, even those you don’t particularly care about.

It can be challenging, but the first step is to embrace yourself. If you like yourself for who you are, other people will be able to do the same.

You’ll find it easier to deal with those who are not willing to accept the new you.

#5 Melinda Gates: Welcome New Opportunities

Melinda Gates always has a few words of wisdom for new graduates. In an interview with CNBC, she said that it was critical to embrace new opportunities whenever you had a chance.

It may seem more comfortable to stay in your comfort zone and not act on an opportunity that suddenly opens up. No risk or effort required there.

But what if you’re missing something amazing?

Do you agree that that would be way riskier?

Gates also reminds us that it's important to treasure our uniqueness.

You may have to face new situations that discomfit you. But that’s only in the beginning, especially if you can stay true to your authentic self no matter the environment.

Embrace the Change

Fundamental change starts with your willingness to take the first step.

So many spectacular things may pass you by if you’re not prepared to do that. The next steps will become more comfortable as you get rid of the fear and embrace who you are turning into.

And the first step doesn’t need to be anything big either. You just have to get started. Don’t let fear stop you from doing the amazing things you know you can do.

Start testing and you'll soon find what works. What allows you to express yourself and live the successful life you've always envisioned.

It’s important to stay true to yourself on your way to finding the passion you’ll be happy to pursue. You can bring your unique personality out to the world, and it's something to treasure.

These tips come from people who have been where you’re now.

Are you ready to follow in their footprints?

If you’re still not sure, ask yourself if your 80-year-old self would regret it.

And if you like what you hear so far, contact Hassan Younes for more information about his speaking services.


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