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So You’ve Achieved Your Goal - 6 Tips for Creating New Goals When You’ve Achieved What You Always Wa

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

You don’t want to be satisfied with what you’ve got! So, why not shoot for the moon just like Jeff Bezos?

After building the biggest ecommerce company globally and becoming one of the world’s wealthiest people, what does Jeff Bezos want to do next?

He wants to fly into space!

No, this isn’t a joke. Blue Origin is the rocket ship scheduled to take Bezos and the rest of the crew into space on 20 July.

The rocket ship itself was designed by Bezos’ space company and is set to take off just two weeks after he steps down as the CEO of Amazon.

Hopefully, all will go well and make Bezos the first billionaire to take a ride aboard the rocket he helped develop.

Now, some of you may believe that Bezos is exposing himself to unnecessary risk. But this isn’t the mindset that led him to become one of the most influential people in the digital space.

It also isn’t the mindset that pushed Bezos to fly into space.

Despite achieving what most people can only dream of, Bezos always aims for higher. And this is the mindset to adopt if you want to move the dial in your business and life.

The Tips

#1 - Remind Yourself of Your Childhood Dreams

Those who will go on to achieve what they want zero in on one area. They neglect everything else, but what happens when they reach the goal?

They go after something else.

So, why not go back to your childhood and pursue a childhood dream, whatever that might be?

Many entrepreneurs take a year or two off to do just that. They could go on a tour or join the fire department and work there for free.

The reason is that the short detour rejuvenates and fulfils them.

When they get back, they’re ready for even bigger and bolder business dreams.

#2 - Make Sure Your New Goal Is Motivating

It might be challenging to find the motivation to pursue another goal after you’ve achieved what you wanted. But remember - highly successful people always aim higher.

Therefore, it’s critical to find a goal that will push you to pursue it. Of course, what’s motivational can be different for each person. But there are universal principles that can help you find that motivating goal.

First of all, try to see the higher value in achieving that next big goal. If it’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, or if the outcome is of little interest to you, you should probably look for another goal.

Apart from that, make sure that it is in line with your top priorities in life. This helps you focus on one goal and dedicate enough time to achieving it.

Reaching the new goal has a lot to do with your commitment. So, adopt the “I have to do this” mindset.

It’ll introduce a sense of urgency, without which it gets much easier to postpone the goal indefinitely.

If you do the latter, you could end up frustrated and lose all motivation to push through.

#3 - Join a Community of Like-Minded People for Inspiration

Surrounding yourself with those who share your passion for success can make all the difference.

This alone can boost your motivation to pursue the next big goal and you’ll find an immense pool of inspiration to tap into. You never know when you might run into someone who can help you reach your next big goal.

But there’s also the option for you to inspire and help the community.

Since you‘ve achieved your first big goal, your experience and insights can be invaluable to those in the midst of pursuing theirs. You can become like a mentor to them and share all the tips.

When your mentees within the community reach their goals, you’ll feel immense satisfaction.

But why is that important?

It fuels you with confidence and inspiration to continue pursuing your next big goal.

#4 - Set a Clear Deadline for Your New Goal

If there’s no deadline, it shows that you’re not entirely committed to it. And the chances of achieving that goal become slim to none.

Think of it like this. If you think that it doesn’t matter when you achieve your goal, you might never get to it. Moreover, setting a deadline gives shape to the steps that will lead you to the goal within a specific timeframe.

When there’s no deadline, there’s less motivation to go out and do something to get yourself closer to the goal. You remove that sense of urgency even if you keep repeating: “I have to do it, I have to do it…”

Lastly, the critical thing is that your deadline needs to be realistic. Understandably, you’d want to make it happen as fast as possible. But don’t let previous success get to your head.

After all, you're aiming higher at a much bigger and bolder goal. And getting that may require quite a bit of time.

#5 - Make Setting Bigger Goals a Habit

Just like Bezos and flying into space, you can achieve your next big goal. But would you want to retire after that?

Probably not, right?

You want to go on to pursue another goal that’s grander and even more daring.

You might aspire to something that seems like a pipe dream for now. But is it really?

After you celebrate that one big victory, it’s time to find a way to reach that pipe dream.

And remember Bezos…

He didn’t think that regular people could not fly into space. Instead, he did everything in his power to make it happen. When he comes back to Earth, he’ll be pursuing another goal that’s even bigger than human space flight.


Setting big goals is his habit. As for you, there’s no reason not to make it your own.

#6 - Work Smart, Work Hard

By now, you might think that achieving the next big goal is easy, except it isn’t.

As you’ll be setting the bar much higher than before, you need more confidence and an even stronger mindset to achieve the goal. But then, you don’t want to run yourself into the ground by trying to pull it off on your own.

That’s why you have to work smart and find people who can help you. The part about working hard relates to consistency and your motivation to overcome the challenges.

Also, it pays to reflect on your previous successes. Try to identify the most effective strategies that helped you reach the goals before as they’ll probably work again.

Finally, don’t let past successes get to your head. Even when you reach your dreams, looking at the world from a lofty position won’t do much for you.

Reach for the Stars

Growing your success and achievements is a never-ending process.

The critical thing is to tap into the passion that drove you to set your big goals. Then, keep refining your tactics to reach that next big goal.

And yes, there’ll be naysayers and challenges. But the power to overcome negativity stems from your past successes and your desire to become an outlier.

If you want to know more about setting and achieving bigger and bolder goals, book me for your next speaking engagement.


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